This is a summary of the work done by six European schools from The Basque Country, Belgium, Hungary, Italy and Turkey on art as the main topic. The aim of this project is to make students aware of the different ways of communicating through art and how this art becomes part of our own heritage. We will provide children with the oportunity of exploring emblematic artists from the countries involved , and we will use various techniques to version and create art and to share it with others.

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Friday, January 11, 2013


We have started to create art with the help of Jorge Rubio, an artist from the Guggenheim museum.
So far we have worked on three different disciplines: painting, sculpture and drawing. Jorge told us about Zumeta, a famous and colourful Basque painter, and he helped us mix and contrast colours, to create our own work of art as if we were little Zumetas. Here you can see the different steps of a work that changes continuosly. First we painted an abstract; once we had our painting, we decided to experiment with it following the artistical concepts of another emblematic Basque artist called Oteiza. We gave volume to the painting and turned it into a base that would support a sculpture. Now, we had a sculpture to make. We used different shaped wooden sticks to design our sculptures. The final work was really nice!! Don´t ever think that we have finished working. We still have further steps to follow. After making the sculpture,we are drawing it from different views using the technique of perspective.


These are some of the pictures of the successful visit that took place in Yalova in May 2014. All partner schools met to present the progress done during this last school- year of the project; to evaluate the two years of cooperative work towards common aims and to enjoy a land with an ancient culture full of history and traditions. By clicking here, you can have a look at the minutes of the last project meeting.


VISIT TO HAJDÚBÖSZÖRMÉNY Here you can see some pictures about the successful visit to Hadjúböszörmény in Hungary. The school hosting us organized a nice encounter that gave us the chance to know many cultural features, to meet teachers, to be fascinated by the students and the school´s work and of course to get to many agreements that will make possible further progress in the project. By clicking here you can see the minutes of the project meeting held during our stay.


The third project meeting took place in Sesto Fiorentino. Teachers and students from the partner schools met there to enjoy a very well organized programme. The schools and the families from Sesto made a great success of the visit.Here is the minutes of the meeting


> Thanks to our Belgium friends for giving us the chance to meet in Ronse. The visit was a success. We visited the school but also other unforgetable places. There was also time for work. Click here to see the minutes of the meeting and the work chart.


These are some pictures of the 1st project vist that was held in the Basque Country. It was very nice to meet partners for the first time but it was also a great chance to sit on the project and sketch activities.Here is the minutes of the meeting